About the journal

The journal Siberian Electronic Mathematical Reports (ISSN 1813-3304) was founded in 2004 by the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics.

It is registered with the Ministry of Mass Media, Television, Radio, and Communications of the Russian Federation. The Journal aims at the electronic publications of research papers in folowing branches of mathematics

  • real, complex and functional analysis
  • differential equations, dynamical systems and optimal control
  • mathematical physics
  • geometry and topology
  • probability theory and mathematical statistics
  • mathematical logic, algebra and number theory
  • computational mathematics
  • discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics
Reviews, papers on mathematical life and proceedings of conferences are also accepted for publication. All papers undergo peer review. All published papers are in open access.

Available in electronic form only. We produce one volume per year.

Indexed and abstracted in Mathematical Reviews, CiteFactor, Math-Net.Ru, eLibrary.ru and Scopus.

© Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, 2004