Volume 14 (2017)

Geometry and Topology

Panenko R.
Φ-harmonic functions on graphs, pp. 1-9. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.001

Saracco A.
Discrete sequences in unbounded domains, pp. 22-25.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.003

Bagderina Yu. Yu.
Rational integrals of the second degree of two-dimentional geodesic equations, pp. 33-40. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.005

Maslei A. V.
On parameters and discreteness of Maskit subgroups in PSL(2,C), pp. 125-134.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.013

Samuel M., Tetenov A. V.
On attractors of iterated function systems in uniform spaces, pp. 151-155.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.015

Mozhey N. P.
Torsion free affine connections on three-dimensional homogeneous spaces, pp. 280-295.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.026

Differential equations, dynamical systems and optimal control

Tursunov D. A.
The asymptotic solution of the bisingular Robin problem, pp. 10-21. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.002

Surkov P. G.
Asymptotic of regularized solutions of the ill-posed Cauchy problem for a linear nonautonomous system with delay, pp. 41-58. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.006

Cherfaoui S., Kessab A., Kheloufi A.
On 2m-th order parabolic equations with mixed boundary conditions in non-rectangular domains, pp. 73-91.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.009

Tabarintseva E. V.
On methods to solve an inverse problems for a nonlinear differential equation, pp. 199-209. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.020

Morgulis A. B.
Variational principles and stability of the inviscid open flows, pp. 218-251. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.022

Mamontov A. E., Prokudin D. A.
Viscous compressible homogeneous multi-fluids with multiple velocities: barotropic existence theory, pp. 388-397.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.031

Mathematical logic, algebra and number theory

Bitkina V. V.
On automorphisms of a distance-regular graph with intersection array {243,220,1;1,4,243}, pp. 26-32. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.004

Lutsak S. M.
On the сomplexity of quasivariety lattices, pp. 92-97. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.010

Rodionov V. I.
On recurrence relation in the problem of enumeration of finite posets, pp. 98-111. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.011

Baransky V. A., Senchonok T. A.
On maximal graphical partitions, pp. 112-124. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.012

Sudoplatov S. V.
Combinations related to classes of finite and countably categorical structures and their theories, pp. 135-150.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.014

Pinus A. G.
On algebraic properties of universal algebras, pp. 156-162. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.016

Nirova M. S.
Automorphisms of distance-regular graph with intersection array {144,125,32,1;1,8,125,144}, pp. 178-189. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.018

Basheyeva A., Nurakunov A., Schwidefsky M., Zamojska-Dzienio A.
Lattices of subclasses. III, pp. 252-263.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.023

Kuzmina A. S., Maltsev Yu. N.
Finite rings with Eulerian nilpotent graphs, pp. 274-279. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.025

Sudoplatov S. V.
Relative e-spectra and relative closures for families of theories, pp. 296-307.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.027

Efimov D. B.
The generalized determinant and its application to the enumeration of permutations, pp. 398-404.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.033

Real, complex and functional analysis

Kopylov A. P.
On the unique determination of domains by the condition of the local isometry of the boundaries in the relative metrics, pp. 59-72.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.008

Shamoyan F. A., Bednazh V. A.
Toeplitz operators in Sobolev spaces of analytic functions and applications, pp. 163-177. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.017

Rodikova, E. G.
Multiple interpolation for Nevanlinna type spaces, pp. 264-273. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.024

Computational mathematics

Popov A. S.
Cubature formulas on a sphere invariant under the symmetry groups of regular polyhedrons, pp. 190-198. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.019

Prokopev G. A., Vasil'ev V. I., Kardashevsky A. M., Sivtsev P. V.
Numerical solution of the inverse Cauchy problem for the elliptic equation, pp. 308-316. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.028

Discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics

Avgustinovich S. V., Gorkunov E. V.
On automorphisms of linear codes over a prime field, pp. 210-217. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.021

Tarasyuk I. V., Buchholz P.
Equivalences for fluid stochastic Petri nets, pp. 317-366.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.029

Kabanov V. V., Mityanina A. V.
Claw-free strictly Deza graphs, pp. 367-387.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.030


Mamontov A. E., Prokudin D. A.
Viscous compressible homogeneous multi-fluids with multiple velocities: barotropic existence theory, стр. 388-397.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.031

Mathematical life

Kutateladze S. S.
Decay of the triumvirate, pp. A.1-A.6.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.007

Dynnikov I. A., Glutsyuk A. A., Mironov, A. E., Taimanov, I. A., Vesnin, A. Yu.
Conference "Dynamics in Siberia", Novosibirsk, February 26 - March 4, 2017, pp. A.7-A.30.
PDF DOI 10.17377/semi.2017.14.032

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