Volume 18 (2021), N 2

Mathematical logic, algebra and number theory

Ibraev Sh. Sh., Turbayev B. T.
Cohomology for the Lie algebra of type A2 over a field of characteristic 2, pp. 729-739.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.053

Ghaedan N., Vedadi M. R.
When a (dual-)Baer module is a direct sum of (co-)prime modules, pp. 782-791.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.057

Gubarev V.
An example of a simple double Lie algebra, pp. 834-844.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.062

Pinus A. G.
On spaces of functional clones, pp. 901-904. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.068

Kuznetsov S. L.
Kleene star, subexponentials without contraction, and infinite computations, pp. 905-922.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.069

Bazhenov N.
HKSS-Completeness of modal algebras, pp. 923-930.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.070

Geometry and Topology

Sabitov I. Kh.
New proofs of infinitesimal rigidity of convex polyhedra and convex surfaces of revolution, pp. 740-743. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.054

Blali A., El Amrani A., Hassani R. A., Razouki A.
On the uniqueness of I-limits of sequences, pp. 744-757.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.055

Bolotov D. V.
On PL embeddings of a 2-sphere in the 4-dimensional Euclidean space, pp. 867-883.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.066

Klyachin V. A., Chebanenko N. A.
On geometrical properties of continuous mappings which preserve orientation of simplices, pp. 985-996. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.074

Discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics

Tsiovkina L. Yu.
On a class of vertex-transitive distance-regular covers of complete graphs, pp. 758-781. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.056

Glebov A. N.
Path partitioning planar graphs with restrictions on short cycles, pp. 975-984. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.073

Computational mathematics

Lomov A. A.
Operator-orthoregressive methods for identifying coefficients of linear difference equations, pp. 792-804.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.058

Germider O. V., Popov V. N.
An application of the Chebyshev collocation method for the calculation of a mass flux in a long concentric annular channel, pp. 805-816.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.059

Probability theory and mathematical statistics

Zhou Q. Q., Logachov A. V.
Moderate deviations principle for independent random variables under sublinear expectations, pp. 817-826.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.060

Differential equations, dynamical systems and optimal control

Korablina E. V., Levenshtam V. B.
Reconstruction of a high-frequency source term of the wave equation from the asymptotics of the solution. Case of the Cauchy problem, pp. 827-833.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.061

Mamontov A. E., Prokudin D. A.
Local solvability of an approximate problem for one-dimensional equations of dynamics of viscous compressible heat-conducting multifluids, pp. 931-950. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.071

Real, complex and functional analysis

Romanov A. S.
Properties of extremal functions for p-capacity in R2, pp. 845-866. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.064

Shishkina E. L., Sitnik S. M., Jebabli I.
Application of Integral Transforms Composition Method (ITCM) to obtaining transmutations via integral transforms with Bessel functions in kernels, pp. 884-900.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.067

Golubkov A. A.
Inverse problem for the Sturm-Liouville equation with piecewise entire potential and piecewise constant weight on a curve, pp. 951-974.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.072

Mathematical life

Gorodilova A. A., Tokareva N. N., Agievich S. V., Carlet C., Idrisova V. A., Kalgin K. V., Kolegov D. N., Kutsenko A. V., Mouha N., Pudovkina M. A., Udovenko A. N.
The Seventh International Olympiad in Cryptography: problems and solutions, pp. А4-А29.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.063

Abrosimov N. V., Gorbounov V. G., Nechaev S. K., Singh M., Vesnin A. Yu.
4th International Conference Groups and quandles in low-dimensional topology, Tomsk, July 5-8, 2021, pp. А30-А43.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2021.18.065

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