Volume 16 (2019)

Probability theory and mathematical statistics

Klebaner F. C., Mogulskii A. A.
Large Deviations for processes on half-line: Random Walk and Compound Poisson, pp. 1-20.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.001

Mogulskii A. A.
Local theorems for arithmetic compound renewal processes when Cramer's condition holds, pp. 21-41. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.002

Lotov V. I.
On the distribution of the trajectory maximum of a random walk with switchings, pp. 998-1004. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.068

Arkashov N. S.
The principle of invariance in the Donsker form to the partial sum processes of finite order moving averages, pp. 1276-1288. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.088

Mogulskii A. A., Prokopenko E. I.
The rate function and the fundamental function for multidimensional compound renewal process, pp. 1449-1463. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.100

Mogulskii A. A., Prokopenko E. I.
Large deviation principle for multidimensional first compound renewal processes in the phase space, pp. 1464-1477. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.101

Mogulskii A. A., Prokopenko E. I.
Large deviation principle for multidimensional second compound renewal processes in the phase space, pp. 1478-1492. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.102

Lotov V. I., Xodjibayev V. R.
On a stochastic process with switchings, pp. 1531-1546. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.104

Computational mathematics

van Bevern R. A., Pyatkin A. V., Sevastyanov S. V.
An algorithm with parameterized complexity of constructing the optimal schedule for the routing open shop problem with unit execution times, pp. 42-84.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.003

Pikhitsa P. V., Pikhitsa S.
Mutually touching infinite cylinders in the 3D world of lines, pp. 96-120.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.005

Kononov A., Kovalenko Yu.
Approximate schedules for non-migratory parallel jobs in speed-scaled multiprocessor systems, pp. 249-257.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.016

Sevastyanov S. V.
Some positive news on the proportionate open shop problem, pp. 406-426.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.023

Imomnazarov Kh. Kh., Mikhailov A. A., Rakhmonov T. T.
Simoulation of the seismic wave propagation in porous media described by three elastic parameters, pp. 591-599.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.037

Ivanov M. I., Kremer I. A., Laevsky Yu. M.
On the streamline upwind scheme of solution to the filtration problem, pp. 757-776. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.051

Popov A. S.
Cubature formulas on a sphere that are invariant under the transformations of the dihedral group of rotations with inversion D3d, pp. 1196-1204. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.081

Real, complex and functional analysis

Knizhov K. I., Podvigin I. V.
On the convergence of the Luzin integral and its analogues, pp. 85-95. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.004

Gichev V. M.
The Kostlan-Shub-Smale random polynomials in the case of growing number of variables, pp. 217-228.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.013

Pevnyi A. B., Sitnik S. M.
On generalizations of M.G.Krein, E.A.Gorin and Yu.V.Linnik inequalities for positive definite functions for multipoint case, pp. 263-270. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.018

Uskova N. B.
The matrix analysis of spectral projections for the perturbed self-adjoint operators, pp. 369-405. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.022

Nasibullin R. G.
Brezis-Marcus type inequalities with Lamb constant, pp. 449-464.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.027

Illarionov A. A.
Solution of functional equations related to elliptic functions. II, pp. 481-492. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.030

Sgibnev M. S.
The Wiener-Hopf equation in measures with probability kernel, pp. 609-617. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.039

Dymchenko Yu. V., Shlyk V. A.
Generalized condensers and vector measures, pp. 683-691. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.044

Spivak Yu. E.
Optimization method in 2D magnetic cloaking problems, pp. 812-825. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.054

Greshnov A. V.
Hyperspaces that satisfy cc-homogeneous cone condition on canonical Heisenberg and Engel groups, pp. 938-948. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.062

Golubkov A. A.
A boundary value problem for the Sturm-Liouville equation with piecewise entire potential on the curve and solution discontinuity conditions, pp. 1005-1027. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.070

Gol´dshtein V., Kopylov Ya. A.
Some calculations of Orlicz cohomology and Poincare-Sobolev-Orlicz inequalities, pp. 1079-1090.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.075

Krishtal I. A., Uskova N. B.
Spectral properties of first-order differential operators with an involution and groups of operators, pp. 1091-1132. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.076

Parfenov A. I.
Criterion for the vanishing of the oscillation of the real part of a conformal mapping of strips, pp. 1171-1195. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.080

Romanov A. S.
Mappings related to extremal functions for p-capacity, pp. 1295-1311. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.090

Differential equations, dynamical systems and optimal control

Mukminov T. F., Khabirov S. V.
Graf of embedded subalgebras of 11-dimensional symmetry algebra for continuous medium, pp. 121-143. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.006

Sidorov S. N.
Inverse problems for a mixed parabolic-hyperbolic equation with a degenerate parabolic part, pp. 144-157. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.007

Egorshin A. O.
On some applications of bilateral orthogonalization in computational algebra, pp. 187-205. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.011

Sazhenkova T. V., Sazhenkov S. A.
Kaplan's penalty operator in approximation of a diffusion-absorption problem with a one-sided constraint, pp. 236-248.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.015

Mamontov A. E., Prokudin D. A.
Global estimates and solvability of the regularized problem of the three-dimensional unsteady motion of a viscous compressible heat-conductive multifluid, pp. 547-590. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.036

Kozhanov A. I., Macievskaya E. E.
Degenerating parabolic equations with a variable direction of evolution, pp. 718-731. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.048

Mamchuev M. O.
Boundary value problem for a multidinensional system of equations with Riemann-Liouvile fractional derivatives, pp. 732-747. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.049

Matveeva I. I.
On stability of solutions to neutral type systems, pp. 748-756. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.050

Totieva Zh. D.
One-dimensional inverse coefficient problems of anisotropic viscoelasticity, pp. 786-811. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.053

Pertsev N. V.
Matrix stability and instability criteria for some systems of linear delay differential equations, pp. 876-885. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.057

Yanchenko A. Ya., Podkopaeva V. A.
On some properties of first order algebraic differential equations, pp. 893-901. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.059

Abdikalikova G., Mironov A. E.
On exact solutions of a system of quasi-linear equations describing integrable geodesic flows on a surface, pp. 949-954. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.063

Fankina I. V.
On equilibrium problem for a two-layer structure in the presence of a defect, pp. 959-974. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.065

Kim A., Prokhorov I. V.
Initial-boundary value problem for a radiative transfer equation with generalized matching conditions, pp. 1036-1056.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.072

Kazakov A. L.
On exact solutions to a heat wave propagation boundary-value problem for a nonlinear heat equation, pp. 1057-1068. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.073

Brizitskii R. V., Saritskaya Zh. Yu., Kravchuk R. R.
Boundary value and extremum problems for generalized Oberbeck-Boussinesq model, pp. 1215-1232.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.083

Volokitin E. P., Cheresiz V. M.
An integrating factor of the Darboux differential systems, pp. 1260-1275. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.085

Pyatkina E. V.
A problem of glueing of two Kirchhoff-Love plates, pp. 1351-1374. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.085

Aitzhanov S. E., Zhanuzakova D. T.
Behavior of solutions to an inverse problem for a quasilinear parabolic equation, pp. 1393-1409.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.097

Kozhanov A. I., Koshanov B., Sultangazieva J.
New boundary value problems for fourth-order quasi-hyperbolic equations, pp. 1410-1436. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.098

Andriyanova E. R.
Existence of renormalized solutions for nonlinear parabolic systems describing the spread of epidemics, pp. 1437-1448. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.099

Mathematical logic, algebra and number theory

Suchkov N. M., Suchkova N. G.
Normal closures of elements in group Lim(N), pp. 158-164. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.008

Khisamiev N. G., Tynybekova S. D., Konyrkhanova A. A.
A criterion for the universality of a matrix from the group UTn(R) over a commutative and associative ring R with unity, pp. 165-174. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.009

Skokov D. V., Vernikov B. M.
On modular and cancellable elements of the lattice of semigroup varieties, pp. 175-186.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.010

Gorelov V. A.
On algebraic identities between solution matrices of Bessel's and Kummer's equations, pp. 258-262. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.017

Ospichev S. S.
Friedberg numberings of families of partial computable functionals, pp. 331-339. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.020

Maksimova L. L., Yun V. F.
Recognizability in pre-Heyting and well-composed logics, pp. 427-434. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.024

Zhuravlev E. V., Monastyreva A. S.
On zero divisor graphs of finite commutative local rings, pp. 465-480. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.029

Budkin A. I.
On the ω-independence of quasivarieties of nilpotence groups, pp. 516-522. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.033

Markhabatov N. D., Sudoplatov S. V.
Algebras for definable families of theories, pp. 600-608.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.038

Shevchenko I. Yu.
About effective versions of game theoretical semantics for first-order logic, pp. 618-637. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.040

Mukhmetyanov I. T.
Associations scheme with nonconstant intersection numbers, associated with group SL2(q), pp. 648-672. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.042

Baizhanov S. S., Kulpeshov B. Sh.
On expansions of models of weakly o-minimal theories by binary predicates, pp. 673-682. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.043

Stepanova A. A., Skurihin E. E., Sukhonos A. G.
Category of Chu spaces over S-Act category, pp. 709-717. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.046

Tarasyuk I. V., Buchholz P.
Logical characterization of fluid equivalences, pp. 826-862.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.055

Korobov A. A., Korobov O. A.
On the new representation of the virtual braid group, pp. 863-875. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.056

Gusev S. V.
On the ascending and descending chain conditions in the lattice of monoid varieties, pp. 983-997.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.067

Petrov E. P.
On the degree of minimal identity of a finitely generated algebra with a fixed nilpotence index, pp. 1028-1035. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.071

Zavarnitsine A. V.
On the maximal tori in finite linear and unitary groups, pp. 1069-1078.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.074

Alimbaev A .A., Naurazbekova A. S., Kozybaev D. Kh.
Linearization of automorphisms and triangulation of derivations of free algebras of rank 2, pp. 1133-1146. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.077

Rybakov V. V.
Branching time agents logics, satisfiability problem by rules in reduced form, pp. 1158-1170.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.079

Yeshkeyev A. R., Ulbrikht O. I.
JSp-cosemanticness of R-modules, pp. 1233-1244. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.084

Rybalov A. N.
Generic undecidability of universal theories, pp. 1289-1294. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.089

Pinus A. G.
On topologization of direct limits of retractive spectors and their completion, pp. 1345-1350. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.093

Zhelyabin V. N.
Addition to Block's theorem and to Popov's theorem on differentially simple algebras, pp. 1375-1384. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.095

Sidorov, V.V.
Isomorphisms of lattices of subalgebras of the semifield of continuous positive functions with max-addition, pp. 1493-1530. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.103

Discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics

Belousov I. N., Makhnev A. A.
Distance-regular graph with intersection array {105,72,24;1,12,70} does not exist, pp. 206-216. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.012

Mezhennaya N. M., Mikhailov V. G.
On the number of ones in the cycle of multicyclin sequence determined by Boolean function, pp. 229-235. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.014

Makhnev A. A., Belousova V. I.
Automorphisms of distance regular graph with intersection array {30,27,24;1,2,10}, pp. 493-500. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.031

Sotnikova E. V.
Minimum supports of eigenfunctions in bilinear forms graphs, pp. 501-515.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.032

Frantseva A. S.
Complexity of Boolean functions' representations in classes of extended pair-generated operator forms, pp. 523-541. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.034

Makhnev A. A., Khamgokova M. M.
On automorphisms of a distance-regular graph with intersection array {39,36,22;1,2,18}, pp. 638-647. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.041

Makhnev A. A., Bitkina V. V.
On automorphisms of a distance-regular graph with intersection array {44,30,5;1,3,40}, pp. 777-785.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.052

Solov'eva F. I.
On transitive uniform partitions of Fn into binary Hamming codes, pp. 886-892.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.058

Golubyatnikov M. P.
Automorphisms of small graphs with intersection array {nm-1, nm-n+m-1,n-m+1;1,1,nm-n+m-1}, pp. 1245-1253. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.086

Makhnev A. A., Isakova M. M., Nirova M. S.
Distance-regular graphs with intersection array {69,56,10;1,14,60}, {74,54,15;1,9,60} and {119,100,15;1,20,105} do not exist, pp. 1254-1259. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.087

Borodin O. V., Ivanova A. O.
All tight descriptions of 3-paths centered at 2-vertices in plane graphs with girth at least 6, pp. 1334-1344.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.092

Belousov I. N., Makhnev A. A., Nirova M. S.
On Q-polynomial distance-regular graphs Γ with strongly regular graphs Γ2 and Γ3, pp. 1385-1392. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.096

Geometry and Topology

Klepikov P. N.
Four-dimensional metric Lie groups with zero Schouten-Weyl tensor, pp. 271-330. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.019

Osipov A. V.
Remarks on Ostrovsky's theorem, pp. 435-438.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.025

Sabitov D. I., Sabitov I. Kh.
Volume polynomials for polyhedra combinatorially isometric to n-prisms in the cases n=5,6,7, pp. 439-448. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.026

Gongopadhyay K., Mishra M. M., Tiwari D.
On generalized Jørgensen inequality in SL(2,C), pp. 542-546.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.035

Senoussi B., Bekkar M.
Some characterization of curves in S͠L2 space, pp. 902-915.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.060

Kyrov V. A.
Analytic embedding of some two-dimensional geometries of maximal mobility, pp. 916-937. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.061

Yermentay M. S.
On a family of minimal isotropic tori and Klein bottles in ℂP3, pp. 955-958. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.064

Abrosimov N. V., Chanchieva M. V., Tetenov A. V.
On the set of subarcs in some non-postrcritically finite dendrites, pp. 975-982.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.066

Stepanova A. A., Kazak M. S.
Congruence lattices of S-acts over a well-ordered monoid, pp. 1147-1157. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.078

Polikanova I. V.
On the affine measurement of arcs of a moment curve, pp. 1312-1333. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.091


Zhuravlev Yu. N., Guzev M. A., Gudimenko A. I.
Protein synthesis as an object of physical and mathematical research and modeling, pp. 340-368. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.021

Kopylov A. P.
Unique determination of conformal type for domains, pp. 692-708.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.045

Kopylov A. P.
Unique determination of conformal type for domains. II, pp. 1205-1214.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.082

Mathematical life

Ershov Yu. L., et al.
Evgenii Andreevich Palyutin (1945-2018), pp. A1-A10. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.028

Kutateladze S. S.
Homage to Yuri Reshetnyak on His Ninetieth Birthday, pp. A11-A12. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.047

Kutateladze S. S.
A few words about math and applications (on the occasion of the 90th birthday of Sergei Godunov), pp. A13-A15. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2019.16.069

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