Volume 17 (2020)

Mathematical logic, algebra and number theory

Emelyanov D. Yu., Sudoplatov S. V.
Structure of algebras of binary formulas for polygonometrical theories with the symmetry condition, pp. 1-20. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.001

Badmaev S. A., Sharankhaev I. K.
On the classes of partial functions generated by maximal partial ultraclones, pp. 32-46. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.003

Kravtsova O. V.
On alternating subgroup A5 in autotopism group of finite semifield plane, pp. 47-50.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.004

Roman'kov V. A.
Primitive elements and automorphisms of the free metabelian group of rank 3, pp. 61-76.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.006

Tankeev S. G.
On algebraic isomorphisms of rational cohomology of a Künnemann compactification of the Néron minimal model, pp. 89-125.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.007

Sozutov A. I., Suchkov N. M., Suchkova N. G.
On subgroups of group Lim(N), pp. 208-217. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.015

Sidorov V. V.
Isomorphisms of semirings of continuous nonnegative functions with max-addition and isomorphisms of lattices of their subalgebras, pp. 318-337. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.021

Goncharov S., Ospichev S., Ponomaryov D., Sviridenko D.
The expressiveness of looping terms in the Semantic Programming, pp. 380-394.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.024

Maslyaev D. A., Chermnykh V. V.
Semirings of skew Laurent polynomials, pp. 521-533. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.033

Grechkoseeva M. A., Skresanov S. V.
On element orders in covers of L4(q) and U4(q), pp. 585-589.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.037

Bildanov R. R., Goryachenko V. A., Vasil'ev A. V.
Factoring nonabelian finite groups into two subsets, pp. 683-689.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.046

Markhabatov N. D., Sudoplatov S. V.
Definable families of theories, related calculi and ranks, pp. 700-714.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.048

Sudoplatov S. V.
Approximations of theories, pp. 715-725.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.049

Krasitskaya A. I.
Stability of the class of divisible S-acts, pp. 726-731.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.050

Kravchenko A. V., Schwidefsky M. V.
On the complexity of the lattices of subvarieties and congruences. II. Differential groupoids and unary algebras, pp. 753-768.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.054

Leontiev V. M.
Combinatorial problems connected with P. Hall's collection process, pp. 873-889. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.064

Fraiman M. I.
Twisted Burnside-Frobenius theorem and R-property for Lamplighter-type groups, pp. 890-898.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.065

Peretyat'kin M. G.
The Tarski-Lindenbaum algebra of the class of all prime strongly constructivizable models of algorithmic dimension one, pp. 913-922.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.067

Rybakov V. V.
Temporal logic with accessibility temporal relations generated by time states themselves, pp. 923-932.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.068

Poroshenko E. N.
On universal equivalence of partially commutative Lie algebras defined by graphs without triangles and squares and with no isolated vertices, pp. 933-953. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.069

Vlasov D. Yu.
Proof search algorithm in pure logical framework, pp. 988-998.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.073

Ershov Yu. L., Schwidefsky M. V.
On function spaces, pp. 999-1008.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.074

Bazhenov N., Marchuk M.
A note on decidable categoricity and index sets, pp. 1013-1026.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.076

Panasenko A. S.
entral orders in simple finite dimensional superalgebras, pp. 1027-1042.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.077

Schwidefsky M. V.
On sufficient conditions for Q-universality, pp. 1043-1051.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.078

Gubarev V.
Monomial Rota-Baxter operators on free commutative non-unital algebra, pp. 1052-1063.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.079

Maksimova L. L., Yun V. F.
Perceptibility in pre-Heyting logics, pp. 1064-1072.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.080

Buturlakin A. A., Devyatkova I. E.
Periodic locally nilpotent groups of finite c-dimension, pp. 1100-1105.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.083

Sozutov A. I.
On groups with a strongly embedded unitary subgroup, pp. 1128-1136.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.085

Sudoplatov S. V.
On hypergraphs of minimal and prime models of theories of abelian groups, pp. 1137-1154. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.086

Revin D. O., Zavarnitsine A. V.
The behavior of π-submaximal subgroups under homomorphisms with π-separable kernels, pp. 1155-1164.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.087

Kamozina O. V.
Stone lattices of multiply Ω-canonical Fitting classes, pp. 1280-1287.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.094

Stepanova A. A., Skurihin E. E., Sukhonos A. G.
Product of Chu spaces in the category of Chu(S-Act), pp. 1352-1358. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.099

Badmaev S. A., Sharankhaev I. K.
On minimal bases in full partial ultraclone of rank 2, pp. 1478-1487. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.103

Peretyat'kin M. G.
The property of being a model complete theory is preserved by Cartesian extensions, pp. 1540-1551.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.107

Shashkov O. V.
On the Wedderburn's principal theorem in right alternative superalgebras of capacity 1, pp. 1571-1579. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.109

Tarasyuk I. V.
Discrete time stochastic and deterministic Petri box calculus dtsdPBC, pp. 1598-1679.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.112

Rybalov A. N.
On the generic existential theory of finite graphs, pp. 1710-1714.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.115

Maltsev Y. N., Zhuravlev E. V.
On finite strongly critical rings, pp. 1722-1729. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.117

Il'ev A. V., Il'ev V. P.
On axiomatizability of the class of finitary matroids and decidability of their universal theory, pp. 1730-1740. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.118

Gerasimov A. S.
Repetition-free and infinitary analytic calculi for first-order rational Pavelka logic, pp. 1869-1899.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.127

Lytkina D. V., Mazurov V. D.
Fusion of 2-elements in periodic groups with finite Sylow 2-subgroups, pp. 1953-1958.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.131

Budkin A. I.
Quasivarieties of nilpotent groups of axiomatic rank 4, pp. 2131-2141.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.143

Computational mathematics

Shumilova V. V.
Spectrum of natural vibrations of a layered medium consisting of a Kelvin-Voigt material and a viscous incompressible fluid, pp. 21-31. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.002

Durdiev U. D.
Numerical method for determining the dependence of the dielectric permittivity on the frequency in the equation of electrodynamics with memory, pp. 179-189. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.013

Bazzaev A. K.
On the stability and convergence of difference schemes for the generalized fractional diffusion equation with Robin boundary value conditions, pp. 738-752. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.053

Popov A. S.
Cubature formulas on the sphere that are invariant under the transformations of the dihedral group of rotations D4, pp. 964-970.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.071

Svetov I. E.
The method of approximate inverse for the Radon transform operator acting on functions and for the normal Radon transform operators acting on vector and symmetric 2-tensor fields in R3, pp. 1073-1087. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.081

Egorshin A. O.
Counter equations: smoothing, filtration, identification, pp. 1322-1351.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.098

Trofimova S. A., Itkina N. B., Shurina E. P.
Hierarchical basis in Hdiv space for a mixed finite element formulation of the Darcy problem, pp. 1741-1765. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.119

Shumilov B. M.
Splitting algorithm for cubic spline-wavelets with two vanishing moments on the interval, pp. 2105-2121. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.141

Muratova G. V., Martynova T .S., Andreeva E. M., Bavin V. V., Wang Z.-Q.
Multigrid methods with PSTS- and HSS-smoothers for solving the unsteady Navier-Stokes equations, pp. 2190-2203.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.145

Differential equations, dynamical systems and optimal control

Eliseev A. G., Kirichenko P. V.
A solution of the singularly perturbed Cauchy problem in the presence of a «weak» turning point at the limit operator, pp. 51-60. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.005

Zikirov O. S., Kholikov D. K.
Solvability of some non-local problems for the loaded pseudoparabolic equation, pp. 77-88.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.007

Fankina I. V.
On the equilibrium problem for a two-layer structure with the upper layer covering a defect tip, pp. 141-160. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.010

Urinov A. K., Karimov K. T.
Nonlocal boundary value problems for a three-dimensional elliptic equation with singular coefficients in a semi-infinite parallelepiped, pp. 161-178. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.012

Mamontov A. E., Prokudin D. A.
Passage to the limit in the Galerkin approximations of the regularized problem of three-dimensional unsteady motion of a viscous compressible heat-conducting multifluid, pp. 227-259. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.017

Voytitsky V. I., Kopachevsky N. D.
On small oscillations of three joined pendulums with cavities filled with homogeneous ideal fluids, pp. 260-299. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.018

Prokudin D. A.
Solvability of a regularized boundary-value problem for the system of equations of dynamics of mixtures of viscous compressible heat-conducting fluids, pp. 300-312.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.019

Petrova A. G.
Justification of asymptotic decomposition of a solution for the problem of the motion of weak solutions of polymers near a critical point, pp. 313-317. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.020

Furtsev A. I.
The unilateral contact problem for a Timoshenko plate and a thin elastic obstacle, pp. 364-379.[Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.023

Mamontov A. E. Prokudin D. A.
Galerkin approximations in the problem of one-dimensional unsteady motion of a viscous compressible two-component fluid, pp. 406-415.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.026

Yskak T.
Estimates for solutions of one class of systems of equations of neutral type with distributed delay, pp. 416-427. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.027

Kasri A.
A viscoplastic contact problem with friction and adhesion, pp. 540-565.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.035

Gainetdinova A. A., Gazizov R. K.
Integrating of systems of two second-order ordinary differential equations with a small parameter that admit four essential operators, pp. 604-614.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.039

Rudoy E. M.
Asymptotic modelling of bonded plates by a soft thin adhesive layer, pp. 615-625.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.040

Fayazov K. S, Khudayberganov Y. K.
Ill-posed boundary value problem for mixed type system equations with two degenerate lines, pp. 647-660. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.043

Tsvetkov D. O.
Crumbled ice on the surface of a multilayered fluid, pp. 777-801.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.056

Irgashev B. Yu.
On a boundary value problem for a high order mixed type equation, pp. 899-912.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.066

Durdiev D. K., Totieva Z. D.
Inverse problem for a second-order hyperbolic integro-differential equation with variable coefficients for lower derivatives, pp. 1106-1127.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.084

Sazhenkov S. A., Sazhenkova E. V.
Homogenization of a submerged two-level bristle structure for modeling in biotechnology, pp. 1359-1450.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.100

Popova T. S.
On equilibrium of a two-dimensional viscoelastic body with a thin Timoshenko inclusion, pp. 1463-1477.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.102

Berbache A.
Two limit cycles for a class of discontinuous piecewise linear differential systems with two pieces, pp. 1488-1515.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.104

Anikonov Yu. E.
Formulas in the theory of identification, pp. 1522-1539. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.106

Hamizi S. E., Boukoucha R.
A class of planar differential systems with explicit expression for two limit cycles, pp. 1588-1597.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.111

Anikonov Yu. E., Ayupova N. B., Neshchadim M. V.
Some representations of solutions to Blokhintsev equation, pp. 1697-1709.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.114

Sakhaev Sh.
Estimates of a single problem of electrodynamics arising in magnetic hydrodynamics in space Wp2,1(QT), p>1, pp. 1787-1796.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.121

Pyatkina E. V.
A contact of two elastic plates connected along a thin rigid inclusion, pp. 1797-1815.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.122

Lukianenko V. A.
Approximate solution of the smooth transition equation, pp. 1849-1862.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.125

Balandin A. S., Sabatulina T. L.
On oscillation of solutions for linear autonomous functional differential equations with two delays, pp. 1900-1920. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.128

Prokhorov I. V., Yarovenko I. P.
The Cauchy problem for the non-stationary radiative transfer equation with Compton scattering, pp. 1943-1952. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.130

Mamontov A. E., Prokudin D. A.
One-dimensional multicomponent hemodynamics, pp. 1975-1989. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.133

Plotnikov P. I.
Volumetric growth of neo-Hookean incompressible material, pp. 1990-2027. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.134

Lebedev P. D., Uspenskii A. A.
Properties of non stationer pseudo vertex with the break of smoothness of the target set boarder curvature in the Dirichlet problem to eikonal type equation, pp. 2028-2044. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.135

Volokitin E. P., Cheresiz V. M.
The algebraic limit cycles of planar cubic systems, pp. 2045-2054.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.136

Kozhevnikova L. M., Kashnikova A. P.
Existence of a solution to a nonlinear elliptic equation in a Musielak-Orlicz-Sobolev space for an unbounded domain, pp. 2055-2067.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.137

Kalimbetov B. T., Safonov V. F., Tuychiev O. D.
Singular perturbed integral equations with rapidly oscillation coefficients, pp. 2068-2083. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.138

Lazarev N. P.
Equilibrium problem for an thermoelastic Kirchhoff-Love plate with a nonpenetration condition for known configurations of crack edges, pp. 2096-2104.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.140

Roitenberg V. Sh.
On generic polinomial differential equations of second order on the circle, pp. 2122-2130. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.142

Yskak T.
Estimates for solutions of one class to systems of nonlinear differential equations with distributed delay, pp. 2204-2215. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.146

Real, complex and functional analysis

Stepanova M. A.
On automorphisms of CR-submanifolds of complex Hilbert space, pp. 126-140. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.009

Abdullaev R., Chilin V., Madaminov B.
Isometries of spaces of LOG-integrable functions, pp. 218-226.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.016

Gadzhimirzaev R. M.
Approximation of discrete functions using special series by modified Meixner polynomials, pp. 395-405.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.025

Gagelgans K. V., Shlapunov A. A.
On the de Rham complex on a scale of anisotropic weghted Hölder spaces, pp. 428-444.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.028

Gol'dshtein V., Kopylov Ya. A.
The Sobolev-Poincaré inequality and the Lq,p-cohomology of twisted cylinders, pp. 566-584.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.036

Podvigin I. V.
Lower bound for the supremum of ergodic averages for Zd and Rd-actions, pp. 626-636.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.041

Romanov A. S.
Sobolev-type functions on nonhomogeneous metric spaces, pp. 690-699.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.047

Kotelina N. O., Pevny A. B.
Exponential convexity and total positivity, pp. 802-806.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.057

Abrosimov N. V., Baigonakova G. A., Grunwald L. A., Mednykh I. A.
Counting rooted spanning foresrs in cobordism of two circulant graphs, pp. 814-823.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.059

Kuzovatov V. I., Kytmanov A. M.
On an analog of the Binet integral representation, pp. 840-852.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.061

Balashova G. S.
Estimates of the norms of derivatives in the one- and multidimensional cases, pp. 865-872.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.063

Voronin A. F.
Truncated Wiener-Hopf equation and matrix function factorization, pp. 1217-1226.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.090

Sgibnev M. S.
The WienerHopf equation with probability kernel of oscillating type, pp. 1288-1298.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.095

Gichev V. M.
Factorization of special harmonic polynomials of three variables, pp. 1299-1312.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.096

Kachurovskii A. G., Lapshtaev M. N., Khakimbaev A. J.
Von Neumann's ergodic theorem and Fejer sums for signed measures on the circle, pp. 1313-1321. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.097

Tarasova I. M., Shlyk V. A.
Weighted Sobolev spaces, capacities and exceptional sets, pp. 1552-1570.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.108

Tryamkin M. V.
The modulus of a family of curves on an abstract surface over a spherical ring, pp. 1816-1822.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.123

Volkov Yu. S.
Efficient computation of Favard constants and their connection to Euler polynomials and numbers, pp. 1921-1942.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.129

Parfenov A. I.
Criterion for the Sobolev well-posedness of the Dirichlet problem for the Poisson equation in Lipschitz domains. I, pp. 2142-2189. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.144

Discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics

Rodionov V. I.
On recursion relations in the problem of enumeration of posets, pp. 190-207. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.014

Baransky V. A., Senchonok T. A.
On maximal graphical partitions that are the nearest to a given graphical partition, pp. 338-363. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.022

Tsiovkina L. Yu.
Arc-transitive groups of automorphisms of antipodal distance-regular graphs of diameter 3 in affine case, pp. 445-495. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.029

Borodin O. V., Ivanova A. O.
All tight descriptions of 3-paths in plane graphs with girth 8, pp. 496-501.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.030

Fedoryaeva T. I.
Classification of graphs of diameter 2, pp. 502-512. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.031

Glebov A. N.
Colouring planar graphs with bounded monochromatic components, pp. 513-520.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.032

Mogilnykh I. Yu.
Perfect codes from PGL(2,5) in Star graphs, pp. 534-539.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.034

Parshina O. G., Lisitsyna M. A.
The perfect 2-colorings of infinite circulant graphs with a continuous set of odd distances, pp. 590-603.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.038

Glebov A. N., Pavlov I. A., Khadaev K. A.
Vertex colourings of multigraphs with forbiddances on edges, pp. 637-646. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.042

Joós A.
Perfect packing of d-cubes, pp. 853-864.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.062

Januszewski J., Zielonka Ł.
A note on perfect packing of d-dimensional cubes, pp. 1009-1012.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.075

Malyugin S. A.
Linear perfect codes of infinite length over infinite fields, pp. 1165-1182.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.075

Makhnev A. A., Isakova M. M., Tokbaeva A. A.
The nonexistence small Q-polynomial graphs of type (III), pp. 1270-1279. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.093

Mogilnykh I. Yu., Solov'eva F. I.
Coordinate transitivity of a class of extended perfect codes and their SQS, pp. 1451-1462.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.101

Borodin O. V., Ivanova A. O.
An extension of Franklin's Theorem, pp. 1516-1521.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.105

Borodin O. V., Ivanova A. O.
Soft 3-stars in sparse plane graphs, pp. 1863-1868.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.126

Lisitsyna M. A., Avgustinovich S. V., Parshina O. G.
On perfect colorings of infinite multipath graphs, pp. 1863-1868.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.139

Probability theory and mathematical statistics

Lotov V. I.
On some inequalities in boundary crossing problems for random walks, pp. 661-671. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.044

Mikhailov V. G., Mezhennaya N. M.
Normal approximation for U- and V-statistics of a stationary absolutely regular sequence, pp. 672-682.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.045

Lotov V. I., Xodjibayev V. R.
On the distribution of the trajectory maximum of a stochastic process with switchings, pp. 807-813.[Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.058

Borovkov A. A.
Sharp asymptotics for the Laplace transform of the compound renewal process and related problems, pp. 824-839. [Russian, English abstract]
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.060

Kovalevskii A. P.
Asymptotics of an empirical bridge of regression on induced order statistics, pp. 954-963.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.070

Prasolov T. V.
Stochastic stability of a system of perfect integrate-and-fire inhibitory neurons, pp. 971-987.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.072

Bulinskaya E. V.
On the maximal displacement of catalytic branching random walk, pp. 1088-1099.
PDF DOI 10.33048/semi.2020.17.082

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Geometry and Topology

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Mathematical life

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